"Laurel Blount mixes comforting, homey Amish romance with exciting suspense.” –Lee Tobin McClain

Laurel Blount

Courage in the Storm

Coming April 2023

In this powerful Amish romance, an isolated woman and a compassionate man learn that love can build a bridge between their two worlds.

In this book...

Falling in love was easy. But staying together will take all the courage they have.

Since witnessing the murder of her beloved parents, Miriam Hochstedler suffers from paralyzing anxiety and a deep-seated fear of the Englisch. Unwilling to venture beyond her family’s Tennessee farm, she forms a close bond with a badly injured gelding. Like Miriam herself, the traumatized animal seems unlikely to recover—until skilled horse whisperer Reuben Brenneman arrives.

A survivor of an abusive childhood, Reuben understands fear better than most. He’ll do whatever it takes to help a terrified animal, but his compassion doesn’t extend to the church that turned a blind eye to his family’s suffering. Once he finishes this job, he’ll return to the Englisch world, putting his Amish heritage behind him forever.

As Miriam works alongside Reuben, battling the horse’s fear—and her own—an unexpected friendship blooms and deepens into romance. But the Amish faith that sustains her inspires only distrust in Reuben, and the Englisch world he’s chosen has already broken her heart once.

Reviews for Courage in the Storm

"Each new book in the Johns Mill series only gets better and better. I find myself totally immersed in the lives of the now beloved characters through each soul-stirring, romantic, well-written page. Laurel Blount never disappoints as she keeps up the twists and turns of what will happen next to the sweet endearing moments that will satisfy any romantic heart. Give me more, please!" – Amy Grochowski, award winning author of Amish Dreams on Prince Island series

Praise for Johns Mill Amish Series

Strength in the Storm - Book 2

"I love how Laurel can make her characters come to life. This book did exactly that. Great storyline!" – Tracy Fredrychowski: USA Today Best-selling author, Executive Producer of Buggy Talk Podcast


"Laurel Blount has a natural talent with words. This heartbreaking story got to me from the first page. I loved Emma's strength and Sam is the best kind of hero--strong and stoic, but kind and loving. If you like Amish fiction, you will love this one! Can't wait for the next book!" – Lenora Worth: New York Times Best-selling Author of The Memory Quilt


"This is the second book I've read in Laurel's Johns Mill Series and all I can say is, "Wow." I absolutely loved this story and its characters. Journeying through the pages with Emma and Sam was pure delight. If you're looking for a wonderful romantic read full of twists and turns and a dash of suspense, I highly recommend Strength in the Storm. I can hardly wait for book three!" – Mindy Obenhaus award-winning author of the Hope Crossing series



Shelter in the Storm - Book 1

"I have read a few books by this author, but this...WOW!!! I just fell in love with Joseph and Naomi. Fans of Amish fiction are going to love this book." – Shelter in the Storm: Mindy Steele, best-selling, award-winning author of An Amish Flower Farm


"Award-winning author, Laurel Blount had me at Shelter in the Storm’s first sentence. I’ve never been much of an Amish Romance fan, but Laurel has converted me with her elegant writing and moving storytelling. Laurel has written a tragic story that is told with emotion, without being maudlin. She has given us a peek into the Amish world without being the stereotypically quaint. With real family conflict and believable responses, I was turning page after page until I finished with a satisfying, “Yes!” Yet, there is more than a few threads I’m looking forward to seeing buttoned up—plainly, of course—in subsequent books. The characters stayed with me days after finishing the book. I’ll be ready for book two. Highly recommended." – Terri Gillespie speaker and award-winning author of Sweet Rivalry


“With lovely, evocative writing, Laurel Blount brings to life a tender story of two wounded hearts, healing and finding lasting love in the wake of tragedy.”– Marta Perry, National bestselling author of A Springtime Heart


“The perfect mixture of sweet romance and family drama. . . . the kind of hope-filled story that readers are hungry for.”– Dana Mentink, national bestselling author


“I couldn’t stop reading Shelter in the Storm. Laurel Blount mixes comforting, homey Amish romance with exciting suspense and cliffhanger chapter endings. Her characters are real and appealing, and I was rooting for them from start to finish.” – Lee Tobin McClain, USA Today bestselling author of Cottage at the Beach


“Two very different worlds clash in this heartfelt story of faith, family, forgiveness, and love. Endearing characters warm the heart in this hopeful love story.” – Tina Radcliffe, author of Ready to Trust