Canning Peaches with the Yankee Belles!

Put your apron on, folks–we’re canning peaches over at the Yankee Belle Café today!Peaches cooling on table Home-canned peaches are easier than you might think–and when you open a jar in midwinter you’ll be amazed. These things taste just as luscious as a peach straight off the tree in July!

Pop in and join us here: Yankee Belle Café

If these old-fashioned country skills are your cup of tea–a quick heads up–I’m going to be talking about canning another wonderful type of deliciousness called “Pear Honey” in my August newsletter. I received that old-timey recipe from a dear friend, and ya’ll, it is the best thing EVER! If you’re not already one of my beloved newsletter subscribers, come join us: Get My Newsletter!  We visit on the “front porch” every month, with recipes, book news, etc.–and we’ll gladly scrunch over and make room for you!

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