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Once upon a time there was a writer from a small Georgia town who had just released her very first ever book into the wide world. Hometown Hope meme LIShe was attending a writers’ conference where she was as jumpy as a cricket in a henhouse, feeling like a total newb around all the savvier, more experienced writers. These talented authors seemed to know everything about writing and publishing–while she couldn’t even figure out how to stick the ribbons on the bottom of her nametag. And right then in the middle of all her angst, she got an alert on her phone leading her to a glowing review of her brand new book by a blogger named Kav.
I have never met Kav Rees in real life, and I’m not quite so new anymore–I just turned in my fourth book to my editor. (Still have trouble with those conference ribbons, though!) But I will never ever forget how Kav’s review made me feel that day–or the refreshing boost of confidence it gave my needy new-author heart.
Never ever.
And now she’s done it again! This fabulous woman has reviewed Hometown Hope–and she’s even giving away a copy on her blog. Wow–didn’t think I could love her any more–but I kinda do!
Here’s what she had to say:
“God usually shines His light only on the next step we’re supposed to take. He wants us to trust Him for the rest of it.” (p 68)
Squealing with delight over this one!!!!!!! Awesome cover! Awesome characters! Awesome story! It’s awesomesauce spilling out all over the place because…we get to save a bookstore, people!!!!! Nothing grips a reader’s heart firmer than that kind of rallying cry!
Book loving heroines are my favourite too. And Anna aka “Brainy” Delaney has a real struggle on her hands. In fact, she’s just about decided that she’s going to have to close the bookstore she inherited from her father. Talk about angst in the very first chapter! And that’s even before Hoyt comes crashing into the scene! And they have history, the awkward teenage kind — book nerd tutors football star. They were opposites then and that hasn’t changed. Nor has their communication capabilities — at least with each other. Blount writes with subtle humour that kept me giggling throughout the read. At least when I wasn’t all fuming indignation over a certain annoying character’s antics. Gah!
In fact, this novel is pretty close to perfection except for one teeny tinsy little flaw. Gulp. The hero isn’t a reader! I mean…at all! “I’m aware that reading goes against the whole caveman thing you’ve got going on, but you really should give it a try sometime.” (p 26)  Did I mention Anna has attitude? Hoyt dubs it “Annatude” which is one of the reason I couldn’t help falling in love with him despite that…er…unfortunate aforementioned issue. Plus he’s protective and an active problem-solver to the point he almost bulldozes Anna down at times but in an endearingly helpful kind of way.  And he adores his daughter. I always fall hard for a besotted dad. 🙂
Captivating. Heartwarming. The kind of story that wraps you up in a big ol’ book hug and makes your heart sing.
You better believe I was squealing with delight over this review! Kav, I’d better warn you–if you and I are ever in the same zip code, you’ll definitely be getting another big ol’ hug!!
Here’s the link to her blog Best Reads  Go show this wonderful woman some love, and comment before July 13 for a chance to win a copy of Hometown Hope!
And sweet friends–if you ever wonder whether the positive reviews you leave make any difference–oh, they do!
They really, really do.


  1. April on July 11, 2019 at 10:16 pm

    I love that review! I am going to find her blog as soon as I am through typing this because she obviously has amazing taste in books!❤️

    • laurelblountbooks on July 13, 2019 at 2:36 pm

      And she’s such a delightful person, too, April!! You’ll love her blog!

  2. Catherine Hackman on July 13, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    I am reading “Hometown Hope” right now. I sent my daughter-an avid reader who rolls her eyes at all romance genre books-a link to the book. She grudgingly admitted that the book looks “kinda cute”–LOL! Give it some time. We’ll make a romance fan out of her yet, won’t we, Laurel!

  3. catherinehackman on July 13, 2019 at 1:59 pm

    I left a comment here, and I think it was erased when I logged into my account, so here it is again. I am enjoying “Hometown Hope.” I sent a link to my daughter–an avid reader who doesn’t like the romance fiction genre. She grudgingly admitted the story looks: “kinda cute.” We’ll make a romance fan out of her yet, won’t we Laurel!

    • laurelblountbooks on July 13, 2019 at 2:34 pm

      I love it!! Absolutely–we’ll hook her yet, Catherine!!

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