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Canning Peaches with the Yankee Belles!

Put your apron on, folks–we’re canning peaches over at the Yankee Belle Café today! Home-canned peaches are easier than you might think–and when you open a jar in midwinter you’ll be amazed. These things taste just as luscious as a peach straight off the tree in July! Pop in and join us here: Yankee Belle Café…

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Hometown Happy

Once upon a time there was a writer from a small Georgia town who had just released her very first ever book into the wide world. She was attending a writers’ conference where she was as jumpy as a cricket in a henhouse, feeling like a total newb around all the savvier, more experienced writers.…

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Flap, Little Book-Birdies!

Well, it’s official!  Hometown Hope is flapping its wings–the Kindle version released yesterday! You can check it out  here I’m not the only mama bird celebrating the launch of a brand new book this month! My fledgling is flapping alongside some truly stellar company. Need some ideas for great books to add to your TBR pile?…

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