If you see me with a goofy smile…

…it’s totally because of this wonderful review of Hometown Hope by Erin over at her excellent blog For Him and My Family!

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Like all authors, I appreciate reviews so much–and every once in awhile there’s one that grabs my heart and gives it a big old squeeze!  This was one of those–and I just gotta share! Here’s what Erin said:
Oh my.  What a cute story!  I fell in love with Hoyt, Jess, and Anna immediately.  Let’s just send the snooty florist packing already okay?!  Seriously.  She needed what happens to her.  A good dose of being nice or else. 
The story was a very quick read.  It was amazing.  The writing style is fast-paced and flowing.  I loved that the characters are real and that suffering from different mental health issues is just a standard part of life in the book.  Alcoholism and abuse are also touched on.  Way to go Laurel Blount for hitting all the hard topics in one book and doing an amazing job of it!
I did not feel that this book was stilted or made in a way to shed a bad light on any issues.  All issues were dealt with positively.  Anxiety and panic attacks are a very real part of our culture currently and I really enjoyed seeing this portrayed in Anna.  I loved that she was willing to put herself into something she knew could trigger her just because she wanted to help Jess as much as she could. 
Speaking of Jess.  What a fabulous character.  Normally children are not main characters in a book but this one almost revolves around Jess.  After all, Jess is the reason Hoyt and Anna are thrown together so much.  Jess loves to read and loves going to the book store.  She doesn’t say this of course because she is mute due to trauma.  Can trauma bring back her voice?  Will she lose it again if tragedy strikes again?
I loved the wiring debacle as well.  My husband is an electrician so I know all too well how interestingly things can be wired.  It can be humourous but oh so dangerous. 
And let’s not get me started on the dog in the bag.  Oh my goodness so adorable!
I can relate to Anna in that I’m scholarly, keep my nose in a book all the time, please don’t talk to me, introverted gal.  There are not a ton of people that I would call my friends.  Her situation is different than mine though but it was so much fun to read and compare some parts of our lives.
Would love another book to continue this one!
I am now officially Erin’s biggest fan. Can you blame me? Especially when you add in that this amazing blogger is a homeschooling mom of 10 (I’ve homeschooled four, so my hat’s off to this superwoman), she has milk goats (we do too–Oberhaslis), and she and her family are active history buffs. I laughed when I read her bio because I wore my mom’s wedding dress in my own wedding as well (would have LOVED to have seen Erin’s Civil War Era wedding!) –and MY husband is also an electrician. I loved getting to know Erin through her blog and you will, too—pop on over and meet this amazing woman!! For Him and My Family And while you’re there–give Erin a great big hug from me!

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  1. Alla V Drake on June 21, 2019 at 8:34 pm

    Great review and spot on! I couldn’t help smiling while I read it. I agree with Erin on everything! HOMETOWN HOPE is a great book.

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