Tomorrow’s the Big Day!

Yay!! Tomorrow I’m sending out my very first ever author newsletter, and I’m berry  excited! Blackberries

Yeah,  I know. Sorry–couldn’t resist that one! But seriously–you don’t want to miss this thing–it’s full of goodies.  I’m sharing a passed-down-through-the-family recipe for fruit crisp that is truly fabulous. AND–an even MORE exciting treat–I’ll tell you about a wonderful contest where you can win 35–count ’em–35 inspirational books! Plus, you’ll get all the news about my next Love Inspired release,  Hometown Hope including a peek at its beautiful cover!

And there’s a cow picture snapped from my own front porch. Because, ya’ll. Cows.

Come on! What’s not to love here? Don’t worry–there’s still time to sign up! Just click here ! Be sure that you click the red button at the bottom of the sign up form, and you’re good to go!

Can’t wait to visit with you tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s the Big Day!

  1. YAY LAUREL!! Cannot wait for your berry first newsletter! (And that fruit crisp recipe too…yum!)
    I am in awe of you writing great books AND working on a farm—whew!
    Looking forward to your new LI book (and many more to come)!.
    Hugs, Patti Jo (who uses waaay too many !!!!! in my comments!!)


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