Make Minutes Count!

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Whew!! October has been BUSY for our family. We’ve had birthdays, a wedding and a move to cope with! And sadly I’m not ready to binge watch my favorite British baking show quite yet–my  third Love Inspired romance is due in to my editor in a week and a half. (I just found out it’s releasing on June 18, 2019!  That’s my birthday! How cool is that?!)
So now I’m running through Hoyt Bradley and Anna Delaney’s story one last time before submitting it–plus I have information forms to submit for the cover art department by this Friday. And THEN, I’ll be working on writing my fourth Love Inspired (The final Pine Valley book–Bailey Quinn’s story). I’m hoping to get the proposal for that completed before my editor shoots the third book back for revisions.  And of course I’ve still got animals to look after and children to homeschool! Yikes!
I really need every minute to count–so making the most of my time is a big priority right now. If you’re in the same crazy boat, I’m blogging about some tips and tricks I’ve picked up recently to boost my productivity. Need some ideas? Come see me over at the American Christian Fiction Writers Blog! And be sure to leave a comment–I’d love to hear some time management tips that have worked for you! Right now I need all the help I can get!
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