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Did you ever make a present for somebody special? Did you spend tons of time on it, doing your very best to make your gift worthy of the wonderful person it was meant for? And then–did you hold your breath as they opened it, hoping that they would like it…really truly like it?
Well, for me, that’s exactly how it feels when one of my books is released!
Today, September 1, is the official “Book Birthday” of my second Love inspired romance A Baby for the Minister. So today I hold my breath and hope hard that this story I’ve worked so hard on will flap its stumpy little wings and fly right into my readers’ hearts.  Because–I wrote it for you!
I want to reach out through its pages, tickle you a little and make you smile–or better yet, laugh out loud! I want to introduce you to characters Jacob Stone and Natalie Davis, people you can care about and who feel like friends. I want to sit beside you and hug you tight for a little while, maybe make you forget your troubles for a few short hours and uplift your heart with Jacob and Natalie’s funny and hard-earned happily ever after.
Well, now that A Baby for the Minister is officially released, reviews are beginning to trickle in. And whew!! I’m beyond delighted to hear that my wonderful readers are enjoying this second Pine Valley story!
I absolutely loved this book. The description of the town, Lark Hill farm and characters were so real that I could easily picture them in my mind. I loved how you had Jacob and Natalie pray before making decisions. By the way, I stayed up till 4:00 am to finish the story. Thank you so much for the excellent read.  
We need more stories like this, with the spirit of small town, and love the way love is, gentle, caring, noble.
I just finished reading your book, A Baby for the Minister, and had to drop you a note!  I really loved the story! That little town with all of its amazing characters make me want to move there and get to know all of them better! You made them all so easy to get to know and like! 
I just finished A Baby for the Minister. To say I enjoyed it is so inadequate! It is going to take me a little while to compose a proper review to publish. I laughed, and I cried. I liked your first book, but this one is even better!
So this is a very happy me, ya’ll, bouncing up and down and clapping my hands–and inviting those of you who haven’t read this story yet to check it out!
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