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Need some inspiration today?

Know how the phone always seems to ring when you’re in the shower? Well, for me, that’s usually when inspiration strikes too! I’m blogging about that very thing over with the fabulous Ladies of Love Inspired today! Best of all–some of them are sharing the solutions they rely on when their own writing stalls!  Join…

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I love ACFW!

I just love this picture, don’t you? Forget rainbows and unicorns! Happiness in my world looks more like sunflowers and bubbles! And today is definitely a bubbly and sunflowery kind of day for me! First off, let me tell you–I LOVE American Christian Fiction Writers! I attended my very first ACFW conference the last time…

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Answering 3 Questions

…with the fabulous Jennifer Hallmark! Let me tell you, it’s a dangerous thing to ask me questions! I’m a talker–so ending anything with a question mark in my presence is a lot like leaving a farm gate open. There’s no telling what’s going to come out–but it’s almost guaranteed to be more than you bargained…

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Some September Goodies!

Bye-bye, August! September has officially arrived–and you know what that means! It’s time for pumpkins and colored leaves and crisper, cooler weather! And–just in time for cuddling up with a nice hot cup of tea, a fresh batch of wonderful books are ripe and ready for the picking! ACFW has their September roster of new…

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It's Release Day!!

Did you ever make a present for somebody special? Did you spend tons of time on it, doing your very best to make your gift worthy of the wonderful person it was meant for? And then–did you hold your breath as they opened it, hoping that they would like it…really truly like it? Well, for me,…

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