Ta-DA! Cover Reveal Time!!

I don’t create the covers for my books, so I can brag on them with a clear conscience! Aren’t the Love Inspired covers gorgeous?? I loved my first one, and I think this one is adorable too! It’s such fun to see the characters I’ve argued with incessantly  written about for months spring to glorious, full-colored life. And just like last time, the artists totally nailed my hero and heroine. Natalie Davis and Jacob Stone look exactly as I imagined them, right down to Natalie’s over-the-shoulder ponytail. Isn’t she bee-you-tiful?

A Baby for the Minister cover

Available September 2018

A Baby for the Minister is coming your way in September 2018! This story features Pastor Jacob Stone–one of my favorite supporting characters from A Family for the Farmer–and  is set in the same fictional Georgia town of Pine Valley.
Here’s a sneak peek:
When overworked minister Jacob Stone agreed to perform a last minute wedding, he never imagined he’d end up responsible for a jilted….and extremely pregnant…bride. Soon Natalie Davis and her newborn son have the lonely pastor’s heart, but will his quirky congregation cost him the family he’s always wanted?
And you know I love animals with big personalities–a goose named Glory kind of stole the show in A Family for the Farmer. In this book I traded a goose for a goat. Rufus, an escape artist of a billy goat, keeps the main characters on their toes. In fact, the only thing I’m sad about is that the cover doesn’t give you a little glimpse of Rufus! But hey, since I’m the author:


Who couldn’t love a goofy mug like that? One of the editors remarked, “You know, we really need more books with goats!”  Well—yeah! Rufus and I totally agree.
I’m so looking forward to sharing this story with you in September. In the meantime, A Baby for the Minister is already up for pre-order on Amazon!

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