Talk about a thrill!

9780373719860 (1)Ya’ll, I love libraries. I love book stores. If I ever come up missing, you should probably check there before calling the police.  And the delightful individuals who run those fabulous places? Those are my people. They speak my language, and I love them better than strawberry jam.
That’s why I was SO excited when I learned that A Family for the Farmer is a finalist in the inspirational category of the New England Reader’s Choice Award! This award is judged by librarians, booksellers and readers…  my FAVORITE folks! It felt like a big, old group hug.
Two other Love Inspired authors are also finalists, Kat Brookes and Dana R. Lynn, so I am in highly esteemed company. As a brand spanking new author, I am just happy to be at the party, and I feel like I should be hiding in a corner and checking my teeth for spinach.
Here’s a link:
Feel free to click on it and see if you can squeal as loudly as I did when I saw my name. I’m betting not, but you never know.

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