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Look, ya’ll! That’s my lovely book cover shining at number TWO  on the Love Inspired best sellers! And if you look closely, you can see it hanging out at number ONE as well, rubbing shoulders with some truly fine authors. My little kindergartener is playing with the coolest kids around! How awesome is that? Such a thrill!

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Don't be a Scaredy Crow….

Loving this from a devotional I read this morning: “A wise bird knows that a scarecrow is simply an advertisement. It announces that some very juicy and delicious fruit is to be had for the picking. There are scarecrows in all the best gardens… If I am wise, I too shall treat the scarecrow as though…

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More October Reads!

   It’s fall, ya’ll! The weather is getting chilly…so it’s a great time to settle in with a woolly throw, a cup of hot tea and a good book. Of course, I would love for you to read MY book, and today the Kindle edition of A Family for the Farmer released. Yay! You can…

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