Hometown Happy

Once upon a time there was a writer from a small Georgia town who had just released her very first ever book into the wide world. She was attending a writers' conference where she was as jumpy as a cricket in a henhouse, feeling like a total newb around all the savvier, more experienced writers. [...]

Tomorrow’s the Big Day!

Yay!! Tomorrow I'm sending out my very first ever author newsletter, and I'm berry  excited! Yeah,  I know. Sorry--couldn't resist that one! But seriously--you don't want to miss this thing--it's full of goodies.  I'm sharing a passed-down-through-the-family recipe for fruit crisp that is truly fabulous. AND--an even MORE exciting treat--I'll tell you about a wonderful contest [...]

Let’s Visit!

There's nothing in this world I love better visiting on the front porch with a good friend! It's always such fun to catch up on all the news, maybe share a recipe or two, find out something new (I can't tell you how many times a friend has given me a tip that has saved [...]